How do we support Green Forest Soccer? 
     It is not uncommon for youth soccer clubs to charge $125 per season. In Springfield, Missouri, the Southwest Missouri Rush charges $105-$150 for a six-game season. Costs are about the same in Little Rock. According to, the average registration fee nationwide is $158. 
     Green Forest youth soccer costs $40 for a 14-game season. 
How do we spend the money?
     No adults are paid to coach or administer Green Forest youth soccer. Referees are paid $12-15 per game.
     Due to an extreme shortage of adults willing to coach a team, for the last 10 years, we have paid Green Forest teenage soccer players to lead teams that do not have an adult willing to coach. 
     In the 2022 Fall season, we are delighted to have nine adults who are leading our teams. However, 16 teams have Green Forest teens serving as coaches and assistant coaches.

It's an investment in Green Forest's future  
     As you can see from our financial statements, our major expense each season is paying our referees and teen coaches ... without whom we would be unable to play.  
     We currently have a pool of 48 teens who serve as our assignors, our referees, coaches and assistant coaches. Some are able to serve every Tuesday and Thursday. Others help when they can. For many, this is their first job and their first time to be placed into a position of leadership. 
      Without them, there would be no Green Forest youth soccer. 
Financial Information
Here are our financial statements for the last five seasons. 
Those items tagged "gifts" were paid directly by the donor to supplier or service provider
Incidentally each "gift" that was paid directly to the supplier or service provider was made by Rob and Willa Kerby, usually when there were no soccer funds available. These contributions since the Fall 2020 season total $3,993.39