When your child plays Green Forest soccer, you've got lots of choices:

Join the teams that play every Tuesday and Thursday evening in Green Forest! 

OR -- If you want your child to experience more competitive soccer:

    -- Saturday games against such clubs as Berryville, Eureka, Blue Eye, Huntsville, 
Lead Hill, Harrison and Bergman

    -- Or you can sign up for competitive tournament teams that play out of the area

    -- Or we will help your child find high-level competition through our long-standing relationships with such programs as Lake Country Soccer in Springfield and the Arkansas Comets in Fayetteville.

to be ready to play as a Green Forest High School varsity Tiger. Winning multiple conference and, yes, state championships!

Kids love running and chasing -- non-stop! That's what we do in Green Forest soccer. No standing around bored!
     Soccer is the perfect sport for young guys and gals, a great first exposure to the excitement of athletics.
     Lotsa running! Lotsa chasing! Everybody plays!

When your kids play GF soccer:
       -- Two games a week at 6:30 p.m. Tues & Thurs
       -- No surprise uniform expense
       -- No expensive equipment!
       -- No away games 
       -- However, travel teams available!

Your child needs shin guards ($2-$8) and a soccer ball ($5-$15) Wear any shorts! Cleats optional.