We never refuse a player who cannot pay. But we have to pay our refs, buy equipment, and pay our teen coaches. So, help us pay our bills. And just talk to us if you don't qualify for the scholarship. 
    We are thankful for the financial support of our community, as well Tyson Foods' annual sponsorship and a three-year grant from the Good Sports Foundation providing our kids with great uniforms.
At home, our players speak 10 languages including English, Spanish, two Karen dialects, Burmese, Thai, Marshallese, Micronesian, Tagalog, Basayan and Kachiquel. Although not all of our parents and grandparents speak English, most of our kids drawl like little Arkies. And we all speak soccer. 

We play at Green Forest's Veteran Memorial Park on 12 beautiful, lighted acres next to Green Forest's restored 110-year-old train station and the Lions Club rodeo grounds, across from the Marvin Russell Field of Dreams baseball diamonds. 

What if your child wants more soccer?
     Most seasons, we put together travel teams if parents and players want more than just weeknight recreational matches. 
     Last spring, we had a fun bunch of Under-6 Little Tigers who played 3v3 on Saturdays against Berryville, Eureka Springs, Harrison, 
Bergman and Lead Hill in the Ozark Mountain Soccer League. 
     Our four junior high teams combined - purely on a voluntary basis - to play weekends in the Lake Country Soccer Under-15 league in Springfield, Missouri, as well as in the northwest Arkansas middle 
school league that includes​ Alma, all four Rogers middle schools, Green Forest and a combined team from Eureka Springs and Berryville.
     And for 20 years, we've proudly sent some of our finest players to play on the prestigious Arkansas Comets based in Fayetteville, which plays U.S. Club Soccer across Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas and Texas.  

Come play

Kids love running and chasing -- non-stop! That's what we do in Green Forest soccer. No standing around bored!
  Soccer is the perfect sport for young guys and gals, a great first exposure to the excitement of athletics.
  Lotsa running! Lotsa chasing! Everybody plays!

When your kids play GF soccer:
  -- Two games a week at 6:30 p.m. Mondays and Fridays
  -- No surprise uniform expense
  -- No expensive equipment!
  -- No away games 
  -- However, travel teams available!

Your child needs shin guards ($2-$8) and a soccer ball ($5-$15) Wear any shorts! Cleats optional. 
Come play with us! 
     Every Monday and Friday from March 29 through May, 20 teams of little Tigers face off at 6:30 p.m. as we play the world's most popular sport. 
Join the fun!
     We believe kids learn to play soccer by playing soccer! So, our 
four year olds through eighth graders have short warm-up practices, then jump right into recreational matches, coached by moms, dads and some of the finest teenagers you'll ever meet.

We've watched how world champs are coached!
​      Powerhouse programs such as Argentina, Mexico, Brazil and the Netherlands have thrived when their kids are encouraged to just have a lot of fun playing lots of soccer, often uncoached! Following that model, we try to get in lots of matches - with kids playing on small-sided teams.
      If a team only fields five players at a time, everybody touches the ball! If no teams have goalkeepers, everybody's got to learn how to play with their feet! 
      We don't travel - all games are played at home in Green Forest just among ourselves. Kids can make it to their games on their bikes or walking with their friends even if Mom has to work! 

Does it work?
      In 21 years of high school competition, Green Forest has only missed going to the state playoffs twice. For years, we've dominated the 3A West Conference, winning multiple conference championships and reaching the state quarterfinals and finals year after year. We may be a tiny little town, but we're proud of our three state championships - five if you count our junior high 2008 State Scholastic Cup trophy and the 2023 Spring unofficial state junior high championship in Hot Springs.

with us!

It's time for Green Forest
Spring soccer!
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